Lakewood is a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, located on Lake Erie just midlands of Cleveland in the northeastern United States. Rockport was first surveyed in 1806 as portion of Rockport township, but it wasn’t until 1818 that James Nicholson reached from Connecticut and a group of settlers named the town Rockport.

East Rockport was the original name of the town, which grew up around a plank tollway (1840s) & rail line (1869). It was renamed Lakewood in 1889 in honor of the lake’s wooded shoreline. Primarily residential, but there is some light industry here. During the summer, the city hosts its Lakewood Arts Festival, and its Beck Center again for Arts (previously known as the Lakewood Little Theater) hosts a variety of performances. Inc.

Lake Erie, the fourth-largest of the Great Lakes in North America, is located in western Pennsylvania. It serves as a dividing line between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. states of  Ohio,Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania, to the countryside, south, and east, respectively, of the border. There are 241 miles (388 kilometers) of major axial length in the lake, and its maximum width is 57 miles.

The lake’s drainage basin covers an area of 30,140 sq miles (78,062 square kilometers), excluding the 9,910 square miles of surface area. Lake Huron’s major tributaries include the Detroit River (which carries the lake’s discharge), Huron River (which carries the lake’s discharge), Huron River (which carries the lake’s discharge), and Raisin River (which carries the lake’s discharge).

Pelee Island, Ontario, is the largest of the lake’s islands, and it drains into the Niagara River at its eastern end. Erie has the littlest mean detail (62 feet) of a Lakes, with a maximum depth of 210 feet, at 570 feet above sea level. The lake’s water retention time is only 2.6 years, which can be attributed to its small size & shallow nature.

At the lake’s ends, storms can cause short-term fluctuations in water levels that can be several feet. Because of its significance to the St. Lawrence Seaway, it’s worth mentioning. Tonawanda, New York, has a Niagara River outlet for the Ny State Barge Canal, and a branch of it empties into Lake Erie at Bull.

A few of the lake’s harbours were originally formed by organic bays, but the majority are at the mouths of creeks that have been fortified with protective piers, jellies, & breakwaters as well as dredging to satisfy the lake’s larger vessels. The lakeshore area’s industrial economy is heavily reliant on water transportation.

There is a major steel industry in Pittsburgh and Detroit that relies on iron ore & limestone moving across the Lakes to Lake Michigan ports in the south. The ports of Toledo, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York, handle soft coal and grain shipments, respectively. Additionally, Sandusky, Huron, Lorain, Fairport Harbor and Erie (Ohio), and Port Colborne (Pennsylvania) (in Ontario).

Many beaches & resorts were forced to close due to lake pollution in the 1960s, though by the late 1970s, things had started to improve in terms of environmental damage. Point National Park is located in southern Ontario on the northwestern shore.

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